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Alassin & The Magic Perfum Bottle

The Wednesday Players proudly presents Alassin & The Magic Perfum Bottle @ The Palace Theatre Westcliff from 12th to the 16th january 2011


Have you ever heard of the Forest of Burzee? I imagine not for it was so long ago that our Great Great Grandfathers could scarcely have heard mention of it! But it was here that a new born babe, all chubby and pink was found by the wood nymph Necile. She so loved the babe and gave him the name ‘Claus’ meaning little one.

THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS is a feel good must see musical for the whole family – especially those who want to recapture the childlike essence of Christmas!

Senmeafella! (The Adult Only Panto)

Each year The Market Theatre Company take a traditional fairy story and distort it almost beyond recognition - packing it with corny jokes, raunchy costumes and blatant sexual innuendo - in the hope of giving the older generation a viable alternative to the family pantomime. Previous stories they’ve corrupted include 'Dick Whittington' (or 'Puss & Dick'), 'Sleeping Beauty' ('Slapper Beauty') and 'Peter Pan' ('Peter Panties and Windy').
Featuring Nick Hooton, Carrie Laurence and Sheena Boyce - who, with the help of various traditional characters (and some not so traditional) will keep you entertained and prolong the all too short seasonal spirit!

'Quintessentially British…Like a Carry On film made by a Rugby Club!'
Stage Newspaper

Book Now One Day Only Sat 8 Jan | 8pm


Sunday 5th December
116 min : 1947 : Cert U
All events are subject to change without notification.(But hopefully not)

For advance tickets:
or call the box office on 01702 351135 or pay on the door on the night.


129mins : 2009 : Cert. 12
Sunday 3rd October 7.30pm (Doors open 7.00pm) Admission £6.00

For advance tickets:
or call the box office on 01702 351135 or pay on the door on the night.

Palace Summer Youth Project

From the success of the past two years the Palace Summer Youth Project is proud to present The Wiz .

The Wiz is a lively rock, gospel and soul music adaptation of L.Frank Baum’s in the context of African American culture.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion as they make their way to the Emerald City to find The Wiz!

"The Ugly Duckling", “Honk!”

Honk! is a musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story The Ugly Duckling, incorporating a theme of pro-tolerance.

"The Ugly Duckling", “Honk!” tells the story of an odd looking baby duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother.

Soon after Ugly is born, he is seduced away by a wily Cat who wants to eat Ugly for dinner. Eventually, Ugly manages to escape but has no idea how to return home.

Along his way, he encounters a beautiful swan, Penny, tangled in a fishing line.

After saving her, the two birds fall in love. However, she must return to her flock and fly south for the winter. Eventually, Ugly’s mother finds him frozen in snow.

Luckily, her warm tears manage to thaw him out and he comes back to life – as a handsome swan! Soon, Ugly is reunited with Penny and two swans decide to live the rest of their days in the same pond as Ugly’s loyal mother.


Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th August 2009